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If you want to give back ...
... we will help you find easy, effective and enduring ways to assist others with your donation. 
If you are an advisor ...
... we will partner with you to help your clients meet their financial or charitable goals.
Making a difference
We help generous people plan their giving, so they can perform good works in their communities. For more information about us and how we can help you realize your charitable ambitions, contact us today.
If you're with a nonprofit ...
... we can talk about ways to combine resources to address community needs. 


The goal of Peoples Community Foundation Inc. is to help individuals, families and businesses establish charitable funds to which they may contribute a variety of assets. We then make grants from these funds -- grants that meet the charitable goals of our donors.

Many of the high net-worth clients of Peoples Financial Service Inc. are greatly interested in giving back to the communities in which they live, and are actively involved in the selection of the nonprofit groups that will receive grants from their funds. Grants are made in the donor's name, or they can also be made anonymously.

bullet The PCF Board of Directors
  • Ron T. Peoples, Chair
  • Carol Peoples, Co-Chair
  • Robert L. Robinson, Jr., President
  • Doris E. Barksdale
  • Kevin Brodie
  • Angela R. Burroughs
  • Carolyn Grant
  • Milton Lewis
  • Geraldine Marshall
  • J. Everette Pearsall
  • Ralph Sherman, Esq.
  • Sandra Timmons
  • Patrick L. Wooden Sr.


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