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We help generous people plan their giving, so they can perform good works in their communities. For more information about us and how we can help you realize your charitable ambitions, contact us today.
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Peoples Community Foundation Inc. is in the business of preparing and developing students' strengths for a future of endless possibilities. Talking about responsibility and learning how to make sound decisions is a central part of that preparation.

PCF program participants will develop youth leadership skills, learn more about themselves, and how to work and serve in our communities collaboratively . . . while having fun in the process. Character development is at the center of all youth leadership projects, because we believe that youth will be better prepared for business if they take the time to understand the foundation of their own character development.

The techniques we employ incorporate a variety of learning methods, including:

  • Presenters
  • Panel discussions
  • Videos
  • Role playing
  • Skills practice

In addition, there will be large and small group discussions, field experiences, workshops, simulations and individual works.

Contact us for more information on PCF programming, funding and goals.


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